20” W  x  30” D  x  55” H approx


Who doesn't like to laugh and have fun?

Brad Greenwood’s series of small-scale mechanical shooting gallery games is reminiscent of the first half of the twentieth century. This is a fully operational, moving target game without electrical or computerized components. Instead, the artist has made use of restored, heavy-duty, vintage game parts (similar to those used in public play lands such as Coney Island) to create a collectible furniture piece that is entertaining, durable, and innovative.

A striking combination of hard woods has been flawlessly combined with a hand cut steel target scene of bears, prairie dogs, mountains, Old West towns, National Park themes, and more. The original painting on steel is paired with two painted canvases to complete the panorama. Spinning objects, moving targets and a scoreboard, create a fun and challenging game. 

The artist's dedication to time-honored virtues and traditional workmanship is evident in his hand-carvings, exposed joinery, and rough sawn surfaces that  emphasize the artist’s nod to a nostalgic western flair. 

Original paintings by Jesse Greenwood or Jared Greenwood


Save the Ranger – Yellowstone National Park/National Park Series Mechanical Target Shooting Gallery

First in the National Park series of small-scale mechanical shooting gallery games. 

Shootout! / Mechanical Target Shooting Gallery; Limited Edition

First in this distinct series with nostalgic western flair. 

Bear Rampage / Mechanical Target Shooting Gallery; Limited Edition

Prairie Dog ShootRampage / Mechanical Target Shooting Gallery; Limited Edition

Bear Nuts - Nut Machines

  15” x 15” x 50” H 


Brad Greenwood has restored vintage nut machines to their former glory.  There are no electrical or computerized components. The artist has expanded the design concept of the vintage machine by creating a classic western style stand with whimsical details such as inlaid bear silhouettes, twig accents and intricate layers of carvings. The top features a whittled cluster of acorns that functions as a twisting closure. A hidden leather-lined coin drawer has been added beneath the stand to catch the profits.

To operate:

Drop a nickel into the coin chute. Push the knob in and back out, then listen for the bell. Lift the hopper and be sure to have your hand ready to receive an ample helping of nuts.

When the owner is ready to retrieve the coins, there is a hidden release and key (located at the bottom right side of the stand within the twig work). 

Rocky Mountain Digger Crane Games I and II

  27” W  x  19 ½” D  x  66 ½” H


Brad Greenwood has built a stunning hard wood cabinet to house a restored, functional vintage crane game. The sturdy yet simple mechanics were built for an enormous amount of repetitive play.

Inside the diorama, Brad designed and created a captivating and tangible industrial mining scene reminiscent of yesteryear. It seamlessly blends with an original commissioned, hand painted backdrop. Enriching the concept further, Brad embellished the piece with antique tools and parts.  

Other noteworthy features include hand-carved “rope look” trim, cut and fused metal embellishments, Brad’s signature rough sawn legs, a mixture of beautiful hard woods, traditional Old World joinery, and copper leaf inlay.

This collectible work of art is interesting, entertaining and enjoyable.   Use your imagination and place your own items inside the case for special occasions, commemorating, customizing and more. 

Miscellaneous Furniture with Mechanical Elements



Utilizing a striking array of California hardwoods, re-purposed metals, textured surfaces, traditional joinery, and meticulous carvings, Greenwood creates striking furniture pieces that encompass delightful features such as secret compartments, hidden pop-out key holders, whimsical surprise artistry, dioramas, room and task lighting, lockable doors, and more. 

The artist’s attention to detail is brilliant.

Paintings commissioned.

Please visit these pieces in more detail within their specific grouping.