Master Furniture maker

"Greenwood furniture embodies the design perception,

hand-craftsmanship, and time-honored building techniques

inherited from Old World craftsmen."

all works made solely by the artist


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hand-created furniture, fly-fishing details,

Creating furniture the old-fashioned way - by hand.

Brad Greenwood is recognized for his intricate relief carvings, hand tooled surfaces, rough sawn surfaces, and striking combinations of hardwoods. Also noteworthy is his remarkable talent to integrate antique and long-standing resources into his work. He creates entertaining furnishings that contain distinctive features such as dioramas, animatronics, games, secret compartments, and more.  

Brad Greenwood's  unique combination of God-given talent, learned woodworking skills, and creative use of natural and re-purposed materials brings forth exceptional furniture - furniture that is durable and well composed, blending craftsmanship and proportion.


hand carved wildlife, forged antlers, intricate carving detail

Signature Pieces, Commissions, and Trade Requests

Noted as a remarkable  furniture artisan, wood carver,  and more,  Brad Greenwood,  is represented by a small number of highly regarded galleries.  Please call or visit our galleries' showrooms as they would be pleased to discuss and present Brad's current pieces on exhibition. 

Brad works closely with individuals to make their vision and concept a reality.

He has worked jointly with the design industry for over thirty years.

Each piece of Greenwood furniture is individually conceived, created, and completed by the artist.

CREATING since 1986

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