Located on a historic homestead in the pristine Sierra Valley just north of Lake Tahoe, you'll find the furniture artist's studio filled with a menagerie of artifacts, tools, vintage parts, organic findings and wood. ... lots of beautiful and exceptional hard woods.  

Authenticity and tenacity, remnants of yesteryear, are alive and thriving today 

inside the workshop of Brad Greenwood.  

The artist's use of antique and modern technologies, along with a refreshing measure of remarkable skill and originality, are all elements of the seemingly magical process that takes place within his creative space.

Greenwood's hand-hewn designs are a throwback to an era  when quality craftsmanship was the measure of a products worth.

Greenwood Furniture is durable and well composed, blending craftsmanship, design and proportion.

The artist works primarily with California hardwoods such as walnut, oak, elm and madrone to create furniture of enduring value.

He chooses mostly hardwoods that have been downed to natural causes. Walnut trees that have stopped producing, or storm-downed oaks and elms are typically his preference. He finds great pleasure in knowing that he can recycle wood often destined for the chipper.

The recipient of various awards, Brad was honored to accept the “2010 Best of Show Award” at the Western Design Conference. 

In past years he was acknowledged with the “Exhibitors’ Choice Award”, “Best Woodworking Award”, and “Western Spirit Award”

In 2008 the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY, recognized him with the “Makers’ Choice Award”. 

He has been invited to participate in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center’s Cody High Style Show for many years and was formally noted as "A  furniture maker on the forefront – an artist who continually brings Western Design to a new level”. 

Brad is humbled and honored to know that some of his peers have acknowledged him as a "woodworking and mechanical genius". 

the artist



 Artist's Motto:

 "Love what you do, it shows."

Artist's Home:


After completing renovating an old homestead, Brad and his wife, Lorraine, raised their four sons on the historic Maddalena Ranch in Sierra Valley, CA.

Artist's Thought:

  "Working with wood is tangible and real."

"Re-using resources is an important element of my lifestyle and it often provides me with creative and interesting challenges."