Roosevelt Floor Lamp

  19” Diameter x 85” H overall


Patina'd steel, vintage farm implement, mica, walnut, copper leaf inlay

Mapmaker's and Assayer's Floor Lamps

14 ” Sq. base, 74 ” H (at highest point)

Created entirely by the artist with an innovative use of pulley physics. 

Materials: hardwoods, antique spoke pulleys and counter-weight, (Assayer's Lamp:  antique hand-cranked drill and handmade governor) steel mesh hand- stitched shade, rock screen, forged steel, vintage style Edison bulb, fine brass dimmer, copper leaf inlay

Peek-a-Boo Easel Lamp with Carving

  16” W x 65” H 

  Walnut, acacia, mulberry, pine bark, Thornberry bark, brass, 

copper leaf inlay

  A masterful wildlife high relief carving on a solid walnut slab depicts a mama grizzly and cub in the woodlands.  Displayed upon a hand carved easel, the lamp of peeled bark  trimmed with oak branches, highlights the carving and provides a beautifully soft, warm glow. This is a versatile piece that is easy to move and beautiful in many settings.

Pine Cone Table Lamp

12" L  x  4 - 5" D x 12" H  overall

Walnut, thorn berry bark, rawhide, brass, eucalyptus, copper leaf inlay

A carved pine cone is carved upon a  solid chunk of walnut creating a sturdy base for this striking table lamp.

Sapling Table Lamp

30” H  x  9.75" W  overall

White Oak saplings are gracefully formed into a table lamp. The saplings are gathered and cinched with split oak twigs cut and wrapped to resemble straps. The straps are then bound with sinew and topped with a laced rawhide shade. Brad’s insignia copper leaf adorns the lamp. The base is hammered steel.