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Once in a while all the stars line up perfectly in the sky and we know something was meant to be. Perhaps this is one of those times!

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Wild West Card Table


Greenwood’s whimsical card table is created with an array of fine hard woods topped with a beautifully figured white oak slab. Embellished with the carved imprints of bison skull silhouettes framed with traditional Adirondack style twig work, the artist’s creative design concepts and master woodworking techniques brings forth an  Old West nostalgia and high-quality creation.

This innovative adaptation of a conventional card table is designed with a nod to the vibrant Old West gambling lore. The artist’s penchant toward surprising and entertaining details is not lost on this clever creation. He has extended the card table’s standard purpose to include a hidden “card cheaters” mechanism, intended to surprise and amuse family and friends. This clever and unique table truly emanates that vintage western feel in a distinguishing way.

Dimensions: 36” x 36” x 30” H 


White oak slab, sycamore, black locust, eucalyptus, oak twigs, steel mechanism, copper leaf inlay


Fallow Entry Table


This meticulously carved “bow front” hall table honors the beautiful fallow deer and Switzerland’s Black Forest movement of the late 1800’s. The focal point carving is a three-dimensional fallow deer wildlife mount carved from black walnut and adorned with sculpted steel antlers.  The bark edging is hand carved, and many other textures and details are whittled into this classic piece. The naturally flowing mountain mahogany base is entwined with a handsome set of European fallow deer antlers, bringing forth the timeless elements of long-standing Old World  eminence.

Dimensions: 42”W x 16”D x 29” H, 33 ½” High overall


Mountain mahogany, English walnut, elm, black walnut, European fallow antlers, forged steel, eucalyptus, and copper leaf inlay


"Save the Ranger" Mechanical Shooting Gallery - Yellowstone NP/ National Park Series


Brad Greenwood’s Save the Ranger – Yellowstone National Park Target Shooting Gallery is first in his limited edition National Park series.  These small-scale mechanical shooting gallery games are reminiscent of the first half of the twentieth century. This is a fully operational, moving target game without electrical or computerized components. Instead, the artist has made use of restored, heavy-duty, vintage game parts (similar to those used in public play lands such as Coney Island) to create a collectible furniture piece that is entertaining, durable, and innovative.

A striking combination of hard woods has been flawlessly combined with a hand cut steel target scene of bears, an innocent park ranger, and natural topographies found within the park. The original painting on steel is paired with two painted canvases to complete the panorama. Applied twigs, whittled grizzly bear silhouettes, a carved wildlife focal point and more, create a nostalgic western flair. Hand-carved surfaces, exposed joinery, and rough sawn surfaces emphasize the artist’s dedication to time-honored virtues and traditional workmanship. 

To play: Drop a nickel into the coin slot and your target gun is loaded with ten ball bearing shots. A pull of the trigger shoots a single ball bearing at the moving targets that travel from bear to bear as your score advances.  Original oil painting by Jesse Greenwood 

Copyright 2007, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

 Limited edition: 1/50

Dimensions:   20”W x 30”D x 55” H approx


Honey locust, elm, white oak, pistachio, mulberry, eucalyptus, walnut, original oil painting, vintage gun & coin mechanism, copper, recycled steel, copper leaf inlay