j. BRADLEY Greenwood     Furniture as art



“Greenwood furniture embodies the design perception, hand-craftsmanship, and time-honored building techniques inherited from Old World craftsmen.”


The designs and furniture shown on this website and any other website that represents Greenwood Furniture, and every furniture piece created by Brad Greenwood, are the original sole creations of Brad Greenwood.   All are copyrighted to Brad Greenwood under United States and International Copyright Statutes.  Designs may not be reproduced or copied in whole or in part without explicit written consent by Brad Greenwood.                                                        Copyright © 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Brad Greenwood


    Brad Greenwood makes furniture the old-fashioned way - by hand.  He works primarily with California hard woods such as walnut, oak, elm and madrone to create furniture and carvings of enduring value.  His hand-hewn “sophisticated rustic” designs are a throwback to an era when quality craftsmanship was the measure of a products worth.

    Brad’s unique combination of God-given talent, learned woodworking skills, and use of natural materials brings forth exceptional furniture - furniture that is durable and well composed, blending craftsmanship and proportion.  The rich quality of his furniture is evident in the artist’s expertise of construction techniques and attention to detail.    Utilizing old-school woodworking techniques, Brad embellishes his furniture with his own intricate carvings and interesting use of materials.  He is sincerely dedicated to designing and creating furniture that transcends time. 

    Greenwood furniture is greatly influenced by natural design.  Typically on the forefront of western furniture design, Brad has been working with ‘slab cut” wood left in its natural form for decades.  His love for the wilderness is characterized in his  incomparable “western or mountain style furniture”.

    Custom hand-created furniture made by this very talented furniture maker will enhance any decor.  His work has been used in modern design concepts as well as  traditional settings, and it always adds a special touch of pleasure and character.

   Collectible “furniture-as-art” is a satisfying way to invest in the future. Not only will you have it to use and enjoy now; this furniture will increase in value as years go by.